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Cartoon series chronicles the adventures of marine boy, who can breathe for extended periods underwater with the use of oxygum. He also has jet boots that propel him underwater, and a friendly dolphin who always seems to show up just when marine boy needs him most.
Marine Boy had 2 friends - Splasher (the dolphin) and Crystal (a mermaid). Her name doesn&#39;t appear on the speaking credits because she couldn&#39;t speak, a trait she shares with her puppet counterpart from Stingray &#39;Marina&#39;.<br/><br/>The &#39;Magic chewing gum&#39; which enabled Marine Boy to breathe underwater was &#39;Oxygum&#39;. And Bulton (the pilot of the sub) had a little catchphrase &quot;Pipe down Piper&quot;, which he uttered when Piper got into a bit of a panic - as he often did.<br/><br/>A thoroughly enjoyable series with a strange atmosphere due to the lack of incidental music used. A marvellously distinctive, bubbly sounding&#39; theme tune though. Ahhh - how I miss this age of innocence.
Along with Speed Racer, Kimba the White Lion, Gigantor, and other late 60s anime, this was another that I loved. It played for a short while on PBS and then disappeared, not even in reruns. Even as an adult, I remember this show being special. Unfortunately, no one I know in my age group seems to recall it when I mentioned it, and I was beginning to think I was crazy! I vividly remember as child being struck by the magic chewing gum that allowed him to breathe underwater most of all, although having a mermaid and a dolphin as friends came in close seconds. Hopefully some day someone will get a clue and this will be released on DVD like all the other ones, especially considering some of the junk that is out there for kids nowadays.

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