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Ernest 'Stick' Stickley returns from prison, and very soon he gets involved with his old friend in a drug-running deal that goes sour. Hired by a rich investor, he tries to walk the line, but trouble follows him throughout as he tries to collect a debt and make up for lost time with his daughter. Stick also finds a new flame with a financial wiz and gets set to enjoy a new life, but Chucky and Nestor, the two hoods who owe him the debt, have other plans for Stick.
Burt Reynolds stars and dominates in the title role of Ernest &#39;Stick&#39; Stickley, newly released from prison who immediately gets right back involved with criminal activities with old prison buddy Jose Perez. A decade later the incident where Perez is killed was almost done word for word in Al Pacino&#39;s Carlito&#39;s Way.<br/><br/>Unlike Pacino however, Reynolds would like to stay clear of things, but he&#39;s got a score to settle over Perez. For a bit of cover and protection he takes a job with flamboyant movie producer George Segal who really overacts outrageously with tongue firmly in cheek. Still the people who did in his friend Perez who are drug dealers Castulo Guerra and Charles Durning are out to get Reynolds.<br/><br/>You have to see Durning in his costume trying to wear those 80s fashions and looking rather stupid in the process.<br/><br/>Fabled Hollywood stuntman Dar Robinson has a nice role as an albino hit man for Guerra. He&#39;s one scary dude. In fact for the screen&#39;s sake he dies twice. I thought Reynolds had done him in once, but he was back and the second time there was no doubt.<br/><br/>Guerra&#39;s character proves there&#39;s less than meets the eye with him. You&#39;ll have to see the climax to know what I&#39;m talking about. And that hairpiece, send him to Queer Eye for maybe the not so straight guy.<br/><br/>Reynolds has a few cynically comic moments, but he&#39;s a lot more grim here than usual. Due to the subject matter no doubt.<br/><br/>Burt&#39;s fans will like it, so should others.
Burt Reynolds plays Ernest &quot;Stick&quot; Stickley. We should just stop the plot description right there. But we&#39;ll go on - Stick is an ex-con who gets out of jail and ends up working as a chauffeur for a mega-wealthy dude (Segal) and living at his mansion in the Miami area. While he&#39;s trying to romance Kyle (Bergen) as well as forge a relationship with his daughter after his prison stay, nefarious drug dealers and gangsters are after Stick, led by the flamboyant Chucky (Durning) and his remorseless hit man Moke (Robinson). Will Stick Stickley stick to the law-abiding side of life? This was the last movie Burt made before his Not Caring period (discussed in our Heat, 1986 review). Because he still cared (after all, he directed the movie and co-wrote the theme song &quot;I Don&#39;t Think I&#39;m Ready For You&quot; sung by Anne Murray), his demeanor is actually pleasant to watch and seems to be enjoying himself reasonably enough, by Burt standards. He gets many personas in the movie - from the &quot;Indiana Burt&quot; of the beginning with his bomber jacket, fedora and beard to the &quot;James Bond Burt&quot; of later on, with &quot;Casual Burt&quot; in the middle, complete with pink Members Only jacket. (We&#39;re not entirely convinced that it isn&#39;t a woman&#39;s jacket).<br/><br/>But the real star of the show is Charles Durning as Chucky. In a role like no other we&#39;ve seen Durning interpret, he plays a Rip Taylor-like villain complete with loud shirts and bizarre makeup. Durning steals the movie, but George Segal gives him a run for his money with his big, boisterous role as Barry.<br/><br/>While Burt is as laconic as ever in front of the camera, he does a good, competent job behind it, clearly influenced by the popularity of Miami Vice. But the movie is a lengthy production with a very mainstream look. It needed more grit. It also should have been shorter and snappier. Elmore Leonard usually does good work but 52 Pick-Up (1986) remains his best.<br/><br/>Clearly the Nickelodeon character Stick Stickley was influenced by Burt Reynolds.<br/><br/>For more action insanity, please visit:

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