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Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh, after escaping death from the previous movies are put on a hit list by The Triads. When blood thirsty mercenaries are on their tail they team up again with Leo Getz and Lorna Cole, a newcomer (Chris Rock) to finally put an end to the Triads for good.
LAPD sergeant Roger Murtaugh, his partner, sergeant Martin Riggs, and their friend Leo Getz, who is now a private investigator, are out on Murtaugh's boat, fishing in the Los Angeles Harbor, when they are sideswiped by a huge freighter. After a wild gunfight against a group of Chinese men who were on the freighter, it is discovered that the freighter is full of illegal Chinese immigrants. As Murtaugh sulks over what is left of his now sunken yacht, he discovers a hidden Chinese immigrant family and their patriarch, Mr. Hong, and decides to take them in. At the police station, Detective Ng expresses his belief that Chinatown crime boss Benny "Uncle Benny" Chan is behind the smuggling. Sergeant Lorna Cole of the Internal Affairs Division is unable to help out on the case because she is pregnant with Riggs's baby, and Murtaugh's daughter Rianne is also pregnant. Helping Riggs, Murtaugh, and Leo on the case is Sergeant Lee Butters, the father of Rianne's baby. Wah Sing Ku, a leader in the Chinese Triads, is angry about the disappearance of the Hong family, the family Murtaugh took in, and Wah Sing Ku and the triads are the most dangerous enemies that Riggs and Murtaugh will ever face together. Wah Sing Ku and his men show up at the Murtaugh house, take the Hongs, and set the house on fire with Riggs, Lorna, Murtaugh, Rianne, Murtaugh's wife Trish, Murtaugh's other daughter Carrie, and his son Nick inside. Unknown to Wah Sing Ku, little Ping, the youngest member of the Hong family, was left behind in the house. Ping frees Riggs, who frees the others. Later, when Riggs, Murtaugh, Butters, and Lorna discover that Wah Sing Ku has killed Mr. Hong, Mr. Hong's uncle, and Uncle Benny Chan, Roger takes it very personally because Hong and Hong's uncle were killed.
First off, a decent question : How Sgt. Murtaugh hadn&#39;t been pensioned off yet ?! Especially after 6 years of the last movie where he was having &quot;days&quot; before leaving the force for good ! In fact the answer to this question, whatever silly it may be, is what this movie was based on! <br/><br/>This is the same of the past. So nothing was special or new. To be fair, there was: Mel Gibson&#39;s short hair, Jet Li&#39;s martial arts, and the one and only Mr. Chris Rock!! <br/><br/>&quot;Don&#39;t cast Chris Rock in a Lethal Weapon movie, or rather any movie, again !&quot; that was a remake I wrote about the movie right after watching it back in 1998. It&#39;s still the same by the way! He&#39;s unbearable, boring and I don&#39;t know how to cast him as a &quot;police officer&quot; in the first place ??!! I remember how the routine he did about the old telephone with (Joe Pecsi) was the lowest bottom the whole 4 movies hit. All of my friends, who watched it with me at the theater, agreed that at this point we all wanted to change the channel ! <br/><br/>Notice well the way (Gibson) says &quot;Hi Gaaaang&quot; to the evil guys near the end to understand how nothing was taken seriously this round. This is the first LW movie where Murtaugh&#39;s hair is all black ?! Simply to make you forget about the unspoken matter of retirement! The action wasn&#39;t that good, maybe Li&#39;s fighting only. The whole sequence of the car chase was nothing compared to the action that these movies used to deliver, like for instance the chase of part 3, which I expected something better than it, or at least as good. Furthermore, the final battle began so clumsy, then ended up as extremely violent.. I hated both its parts.<br/><br/>Anyhow, the plot was nice, as well as the theme of &quot;We&#39;re not getting&#39; too old for this s**t!&quot;. The shot in which the leads&#39; car jumps into a building to land safely without harming anybody or anything sure is the most cartoonish moment in the series, and I like it. I loved the music. However it made me reminisce about the last 3 movies more than expressing any memorable scene in this installment, except the &quot;what took you so long?!&quot; scene which I see it as the best one here. Well, overall there was fun. But not for long! <br/><br/>At one TV interview, in 2004 I think, one interviewer asked Mel Gibson &quot;in Lethal Weapon 5 what would..&quot; to have the last interrupting him to assure decisively &quot;There will not be Lethal Weapon 5!&quot;. To tell you the truth I felt happy. And I felt that they didn&#39;t like working in this one at all. The ending was still being written while the movie was in production (!). I didn&#39;t see anything they added in this one. And I didn&#39;t see something it added to anyone was in it! <br/><br/>The musical finale, of the movie and the whole series, did give this one some necessity. It was a good goodbye. But it doesn&#39;t need a whole movie to say it though!
This movie was bad on so many levels. First, the comment that the character development was good could not possibly be farther from the truth. The reason for this, of course, is the desire to put as much of Chris Rock&#39;s stand-up routine, Riggs&#39; and Murtough&#39;s infantile antics, Pesci&#39;s &quot;comic relief&quot;, and a whole lot of things blowing up into the film. Rock is not an actor, and his character was completely unnecessary and as one-dimensional as they come. He served no real purpose in the film except to get a few cheap laughs from his supposed homosexual attraction to Murtough. This plotline, along with the entire scene in the dentist&#39;s office, have been done hundreds of times in sitcoms, and with much better and funnier results. It was also amazing how Jet Li, playing the role of cyborg robot killer, was actually the most human character in the entire movie. He actually showed some genuine emotion, although nothing more than furious rage. The script (if in fact there was one) was also severely lacking. Plot details were thrown in like an afterthought in between explosions. The action scenes were extremely elaborate, but at the same time boring since they, in almost every instance, had nothing to do with anything that had transpired previously. If this movie is what you&#39;re looking for, save yourself some money by watching the Chris Rock Show and a Fox special. This was an awful movie in a summer of awful movies, and I have lost respect for everyone who appeared in this fiasco for their association. Here&#39;s hoping that Chris Rock and Danny Glover&#39;s film careers are over, and Gibson, Russo, and Pesci distance themselves from this tanking franchise.
The most lethal weapon of all turns out to be the script.
While bemoaning the fact that they&#39;re getting old, LAPD detectives Martin Riggs (<a href="/name/nm0000154/">Mel Gibson</a>) and Roger Murtaugh (<a href="/name/nm0000418/">Danny Glover</a>) pair with rookie detective Lee Butters (<a href="/name/nm0001674/">Chris Rock</a>) to investigate a Chinese smuggling ring led by Chinatown crime boss &quot;Uncle Benny&quot; Chan (<a href="/name/nm0150976/">Kim Chan</a>) who has been smuggling in illegal Chinese slaves and counterfeiting Chinese currency. Meanwhile, Riggs&#39; girlfriend Lorna Cole (<a href="/name/nm0000623/">Rene Russo</a>) and Murtaugh&#39;s unmarried daughter Rianne (<a href="/name/nm0938159/">Traci Wolfe</a>) are pregnant, and Leo Getz (<a href="/name/nm0000582/">Joe Pesci</a>) is back, now working as a private investigator. The Four Fathers—Michael Sing Ku (<a href="/name/nm0497056/">Conan Lee</a>), James Wing Chow (<a href="/name/nm0939480/">James Wing Woo</a>), Li Lum Chung (<a href="/name/nm0154236/">François Chau</a>), and (<a href="/name/nm0610332/">Raymond Moy</a>), whom Riggs and Murtaugh mistake as &quot;forefathers&quot;, are the four heads of the Triad, a Chinese syndicate that once ran organized crime in Hong Kong. Detective Ing Ny (<a href="/name/nm0432517/">Calvin Jung</a>) explains that, when the Reds took over Hong Kong, they imprisoned the Four Fathers. The Triad, currently operating out of Chinatown in Los Angeles and headed by Uncle Benny and the ruthless Wah Sing Ku (<a href="/name/nm0001472/">Jet Li</a>), is attempting to &quot;buy back&quot; the Four Fathers from a corrupt Chinese General (<a href="/name/nm0497086/">Dana Lee</a>) who snuck the Four Fathers out of jail and had them shipped to America in return for payment. The most obvious reason could be that it was to show that Riggs was getting older. Also this film was known to have been fast-tracked from pre-production to final release: filming began in January 1998 for a summer 1998 release and so it could be that Mel Gibson just didn&#39;t have time to grow his hair back. Also, in Lethal Weapon 3, everyone was ragging on him to get a haircut as it was the &#39;90s. So it&#39;s likely he just finally caved and decided to get with the times. Murtaugh explains to Riggs during the final shootout in the harbor warehouse; that Ebony Clark, the author of the &quot;cheesy sex&quot; novel that Lorna was reading earlier in the movie, is actually Trish. Riggs and Leo make it to the hospital to find Lorna writhing on a gurney and about to give birth but refusing to do so until she and Riggs can be married. Riggs says okay, so Leo runs off to find a minister, priest, or anyone who can marry them. As the nurses wheel Lorna into the delivery suite, Leo returns with Rabbi Gelb (<a href="/name/nm0508844/">Richard Libertini</a>), who quickly pronounces them &quot;man and wife.&quot; Having been raised Jewish, Leo grabs a urine cup from a nearby patient, dumps the urine in the sink, covers the cup with a towel, and makes Riggs step on it to complete the ceremony in the traditional fashion. Lorna is then wheeled into the delivery room. Riggs follows after giving Leo a big hug. Later, Riggs goes down to the nursery to view his new son and is joined by Murtaugh and Butters viewing their new baby girl. Leo buys a camera from a nearby vending machine, and Captain Murphy (<a href="/name/nm0434676/">Steve Kahan</a>) arrives with presents for the new mothers, restores Riggs and Murtaugh to their Sergeant status, and tells them that the Hong family has been given asylum. In the final scene, Leo gets a doctor to take a photo of the entire Riggs-Murtaugh &quot;family&quot;. The 15-rated UK versions of this movie are heavily censored, and there is no 18-rated variant. Especially the fighting sequences were trimmed extremely and nearly 90 seconds are missing and 33 scenes were altered.
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