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Seok-heon, a bank security guard, gains superpowers one day after drinking water from a mountain spring affected by a meteor. He then sets out to protect his estranged daughter Roo-mi and her neighborhood from a construction company controlled by the mafia, using his recently-arrived superpower: the power of psychokinesis, and in the process becomes a superhero.
After drinking water from a mountain spring, a bank security guard gains telekinetic superpowers, which he must use to save his estranged daughter from an evil construction company, as a superhero.
Movie: Psychokinesis (15): Action/Adventure/Fantasy - Korean<br/><br/>Director Yeon Sang-ho has proved his mettle once again. In 2016, he introduced the zombie apocalypse action thriller genre to South Korea with the excellent TRAIN TO BUSAN, and in 2018, he has introduced the superhero genre to his country in a very stylish, superb and delightful manner.<br/><br/>Positives:<br/><br/><ul><li>Ryu Seung-ryong is aptly cast for the lead role and he is very impressive as the psychokinetic superhero who&#39;s very relatable and like any other human being. Shim Eun-kyung&#39;s performance is excellent and remarkable. Jung Yu-mi also impresses big time in a limited yet well-written character.</li><li>The visual effects are top notch and realistic. The VFX team has not made us &quot;feel&quot; the VFX, and that&#39;s a major plus for a film depending a lot on visual effects. </li><li>The action sequences are the best for any superhero film. Creativity is visible in every frame of the action blocks, particularly the final one, which is bound to be greeted with claps and whistles.</li><li>The music is heartwarming and fits very well into the narrative. It enhances the impact from time to time.</li><li>The emotional sequences are impactful and have been handled very well.</li><li>The cinematography and other technical aspects are also excellent, and the production values are very impressive.</li><li>The editing is excellent at 101 minutes as there&#39;s nothing boring or unimpressive throughout the whole movie. Director should be praised for blending action, comedy and emotions very well, in a proper proportion in the movie.</li><li>The humor is very effective.</li><li>The ending is very good.</li></ul><br/><br/>Negatives:<br/><br/><ul><li>Nil.</li></ul><br/><br/>Repeat value: ABSOLUTELY!<br/><br/>PSYCHOKINESIS is South Korea&#39;s first attempt at the superhero genre and it needs to be both encouraged as well as appreciated, especially when it&#39;s so well made and masterfully crafted.
Though it wasn&#39;t the masterpiece that some reviewers have said, nor was it a 1 star film, it was still enjoyable, especially if you go into it knowing Korean cinema style. Basically its your typical superhero tale. Average guy has a boring and average life until he comes in contact with a life altering substance that turns him into a superhero. He now uses his power to save his daughter from a shadowy organization. So its typical comic book stuff with a little &quot;Taken&quot; in there. Many will find this film to be too silly, but thats the style of Korean cinema, if anyone has seen &quot;Train to Busan&quot; you will see that a movie can still be amazing even with silly acting and borderline slapstick comedy. Unfortunately some people will be turned off by it if they are not used to it, but for this reviewer, it didn&#39;t bother me.<br/><br/>So as I said the acting is silly in some places. But this is common place for the region. Some of the serious acting was alright but I found it to be all very average. The cinematography was also hit and miss, some of it I thought was great but most was just average filming. The super hero scene, I did enjoy, though sometimes it borders on &quot;The 3 Stooges&quot; slapstick action. But I still enjoyed most of it. Not a thought provoking piece of cinema, but its still a fun watch if you&#39;ve got nothing else to watch.

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